Epipen Training from an expert
Counting to 10 and no need to rub.
Jam Drop Cookies – Can you spot the fidget spinner?
The next one won’t get away!










Sewing, knitting, cooking, origami, perler beads, spectacular art with Mega sized dot-to-dots and making slime are some of our creative life skill projects, while Safety with First Aid and Emergency services are some of our more important life skills.

Recycling jeans into designer bags.
Get your sewing machine license and start creating.
Boys seem to have an innate feel for the accelerator …. quickly discovering slow and steady = greater control!
Club House Visits Spotlight
Get down low and GO GO Go!
Teddy’s new pillow 🙂
Donut pillow with sequin sprinkles – YUM!


















Making our own Muffin cases for our Bird Tweats
Bird Tweats to hang in the garden.
Let’s Get Organised, the 3 steps to packing our own bags.          
1. Get Ready (where am I going and what am I doing there) 2. Set, make my list of what I need and lay it out on the floor 3. Go. tick off my list as I put things in my bag.