Frequently Asked Question

How many activities can my child do each day?

As many as they like, provided they are age appropriate.

The activities that are scheduled for the full day are often indicating the resourses will be available all day, including Instructor. This means if your child is enjoying working on a project they can head off for another activity then return to their project knowing they have assistance available if they need it.

There is no charge if more then 48 hours notice is given and you have up to 4 makeup days each holiday period. See Payment of Fees Policy

Yes. Pack the same lunchbox as you would for school with EXTRA for afternoon snacks – it’s a long busy day! Please NO NUTS. We have several children attending with anaphylaxis reactions with contact to nuts.

A change of clothes is always a good idea. We get dirty and often wet with our outside play – especially if we’re lucky enough to find puddles to jump in or ride bikes through! So keeping an old set of clothes in their bag ‘just in case’ is advised.

Yes. You’ll simply sign him/her out and in again when you return.

We can give you an estimated amount using our Child Care Management software if you have your CCS details.  Or you can get an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs using this Childcare subsidy calculator  

Yes. We can work within your budget with weekly payments of any amount to assist with budgeting.